10 Best Baby Shoes for Wide Feet 2023 – Footwear for Chunky Feet

Finding the best baby shoes for wide feet can often present itself as a challenging task. We often expect to be met with universal choices, but every child is different and has different needs since not all feet are the same.

However, this is entirely normal since so many babies are chubby, and part of their fat ends up in their feet. Since pairs you can find in regular shoe shops often enough will not fit properly, we have decided to do research and form the list of best products in today’s market. So without further redo, let us dive in.

List of Best Baby Shoes for Wide Feet

1. DEBAIJIA Baby First-Walking Shoes

DEBAIJIA Baby First-Walking Shoes

These shoes are designed with the baby’s comfort in mind in the first place and are excellent for babies that are just started walking. They are visually appealing and are available in a whopping 22 color patterns so they can fit various clothing combinations for both girls and boys.

Their slip-on design makes them very convenient and easy to put on and off. They are a perfect choice for indoor conditions and excellent for babies with wide feet. Since they are made of high-quality canvas and TRP material, they offer amazing comfort levels, flexibility, and elasticity.

The sole also grants excellent traction and anti-slip properties, which is excellent for active babies that tend to run and explore a lot. To ensure that this shoe will fit your baby’s wide feet properly, opt for a model that is about 0.5 to 1 cm longer than the foot.

2. HOWELL Baby Toddler Sock Shoes

HOWELL Baby Toddler Sock Shoes

Coming from the Howell store, these sock shoes are available in 13 different color patterns to choose from and offer various sizes so that they can fit babies with wide feet. They are true to the size, and the design is very wide, so make sure that you get the measurements right.

This model provides excellent comfort for your child, and it is made using a soft cotton blend and TPR rubber. The bottom sole has silicone grips that provide excellent traction for an active toddler and prevents slipping on slick surfaces.

Howell sock shoes offer superb breathability flexibility and are lightweight, so your child can wear them all day long, both indoor and outdoor. The shoes also have anti-collision properties that protect your child’s feet from accidental injuries, and their slip-on design makes them easy to put on and off. They come at a very affordable price and are well worth checking out.

3. BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes

BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes

A superb choice for both indoor and outdoor use, these shoes come from the BMCiTYBM store and offer 22 different color patterns for you to choose from. They are beautifully designed and look pretty on both girls and boys.

They are true to the size, provide excellent comfort levels, and are designed with toddlers with wide feet in mind. They feature a stretchy knit collar that wraps around the ankle, and their soft cushioning keeps your active child’s feet fresh all day long.

The outsole of this shoe boasts rubber soft spikes and sensory pods under them that keep your child safe due to the non-slip properties. The toe cap features an extra barrier that keeps your baby’s feet from getting injured, and the upper grants superb breathability and air circulation, keeping your child’s feet dry for a longer period.

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4. E-FAK Toddler Baby Sneakers

These toddler sneakers are an excellent choice for kids that are just starting to learn to walk and have chubby feet. They are well-designed, comfortable, and available in 33 color patterns for you to choose from.

These shoes feature soft soles and are made of breathable materials that keep excellent air circulation and your toddler’s feet dry all the time, especially when worn throughout most of the day. Their closure boasts adjustable straps, ensuring precise fit and making them very easy to put on and off your child’s feet.

Apart from being an excellent fit, they offer exceptional design, and you can pair them with pretty much any clothing combination. The downside of these shoes is their outsole that does not offer the best grip on slippery surfaces. However, they are very affordable, comfy, and offer excellent value for the price.

5. OAISNIT Baby Sneakers

OAISNIT Baby Sneakers

The Oaisnit baby sneakers are an excellent combination of fashion and functionality. Designed to provide a superb fit for babies with wide feet, they are also well-designed and offer 12 different color patterns for you to pick from.

They are made to withstand various weather conditions and are an exceptional choice for walking, running, and playing. These sneakers feature an anti-collision toe cap and anti-slip lightweight sole, providing extra protection for your child’s feet and preventing unnecessary injuries.

The closure is adjustable, which ensures a snuggly fit and makes the shoes so easy to put on and off that the kids can almost do it by themselves. In addition, their fashionable design makes them excellent with any type of clothing combination, and the price is suitable for various budgets.

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6. KIDSUN Tutoo Unisex Baby High Top Sneakers

KIDSUN Tutoo Unisex Baby High Top Sneakers

Coming from the Kidsun store, these baby high-top sneakers are designed with baby’s comfort in mind and are the fashionable and comfy solution for toddlers with wide feet. They are available in 22 color patterns to pick from and are suitable for both boys and girls.

The shoes are really cute and look like mini Converse models, making them very visually appealing. They can run a little big if you go by your child’s age, which is pretty good for toddlers with wide feet since they require a bit larger size.

The sole is lightweight, anti-slip, and made of cotton, which is excellent for toddlers that are learning how to walk. The shoe does not apply any type of pressure on a child’s sensitive feet and is very easy to put on and off with its lace-up closure. The only downside of the shoe is the fact that it could offer a bit more circulation. In addition, they are very affordable and provide excellent value.

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7. Dotty Fish Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes

Dotty Fish Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes

These baby shoes are an excellent choice for growing feet and offer a smooth transition for pre-walkers. They are designed to last and are available in 16 adorable color patterns with different motives to choose from.

The shoes are made of soft and flexible leather that feels very comfortable on little feet, especially ones that are just starting to walk. Due to a quality non-slip suede outsole, they provide excellent grip, making them very safe to wear on slippery surfaces.

The toe area is wide enough to make the feet spread evenly while standing. It provides enough room for growth while keeping the comfort at a very high level. The ankle area is also very elastic, provides sufficient support, and prevents any accidental injuries – great value for the money.

8. Meckior Toddler Baby High Top Shoes

Meckior Toddler Baby High Top Shoes

Coming from the Meckior store, this pair of toddler footwear looks very nice, and it is made of high-quality materials. The shoes are available in four colors and are true to the size, so make sure that you check the sizing charts carefully before spending any money.

These shoes are made using quality PU material and feature cotton lining, making them very soft and comfortable. They are pretty lightweight and flexible, making them an exceptional choice for delicate toddler feet.

The closure boasts an adjustable lace-up system that grants exceptional ankle support and snuggly fit. The layers of the shoe are very protective, and they do not restrict feet by any means. The design is very stylish, and these shoes can be worn with pretty much any clothing combination on different occasions.

9. Myppgg Baby Boy Girl Summer Squeaky Sandals

Myppgg Baby Boy Girl Summer Squeaky Sandals

These light and squeaky sandals come from the Australian store Myppgg. They are a perfect solution for your baby’s summer footwear and are an excellent choice for kids that are just starting to walk. They are available in 7 colors and are suitable for both girls and boys.

Apart from their comfort and snuggly fit, these shoes are also very entertaining for toddlers since they squeak every time they take a step. So not only will they bring your children numerous laughs, but they will also alert you, and you will know every time where they are.

Of course, the squeaking sound is not there only for entertainment purposes since the shoe will produce sound whenever your child walks correctly from heel to toe, further encouraging them to walk properly. These shoes are very comfortable, and the sole has an anti-slip design, ensuring great grip and preventing accidental injuries.

10. HLMBB Baby Shoes, Sneakers for Toddlers

HLMBB Baby Shoes, Sneakers for Toddlers

These elastic and breathable baby shoes are coming from the HLMBB store and are available in black, orange, and white colors. Apart from comfort, they deliver exceptional durability for a toddler shoe and come at a more than reasonable price.

They are made of natural and breathable mesh material that provides a warm, soft, and comfortable feel. The shoes are equipped with a hook and loop strap that is very convenient to take on and off, even for a toddler. This system is adjustable so that the shoe can be comfy for kids with both narrow and wide feet.

The rubber on the outsole ensures that your child has an excellent grip on multiple surfaces and prevents accidental injuries from slipping. In addition, the midsole is extra soft due to a lightly cushioned synthetic footbed that ensures excellent support and reduces the chance of blisters or any type of discomfort.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Baby Shoes for Wide Feet

Overall, the market offers numerous baby brand shoes that can accommodate wide toddler feet. The products we have listed offer exceptional quality, but in order to pick the perfect pair for your child, you need to pay attention to certain details. To help you find the best product, we have made a list of some important features you should consider when buying this footwear in the section below.

The Opening

When picking baby shoes for wide feet, make sure that they feature a wide opening so your child can comfortably slip its feet into the opening. If the opening is too narrow, your child will constantly have issues when putting them on and risking blisters and injuries.

Toe Box

The toe box is the section of the shoe that surrounds the toes. When purchasing shoes for wide feet, it is essential that this part of the shoe is wide enough to provide space for your baby’s foot.


To ensure the ultimate comfort for your baby’s feet, it is essential that the shoe offers high breathability. If shoes do not allow sufficient air circulation, your child’s feet will get sweaty very fast, and as a result of that, the shoe can accumulate bacteria attacks and start smelling bad.

Ankle and Arch Support

Since baby’s feet are very sensitive and delicate, they require a pair of shoes that provide excellent ankle and arch support. With this type of support in the footwear, you reduce the chance of any type of ankle injuries and provide your child with good balance and posture.


Getting the right size for a baby with wide feet can be tricky since the sizing varies depending on the age group, and sometimes it is not very accurate. To get the best possible fit, make sure to check the manufacturer’s sizing chart carefully.


The material is a very important aspect to consider when buying shoes for wide feet babies. The best solutions are shoes made of rubber, breathable mesh, or some other flexible material. These materials ensure that the inside of the shoe is roomy enough to keep the child’s foot comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to get my baby her first shoes?

There is no exact rule for this, but it is smart to buy your baby first shoes when she starts confidently walking outside. While your baby is still learning to walk inside your household, it is best to let her do it barefoot.

How can I determine what size of shoes do my baby need?

The easiest way to do so is by measuring your child’s foot. After you do so, you can check if the product you are purchasing has a matching size on its sizing chart. For example, toddlers between 9 and 12 months should wear sizes between 3.5 and 4.

What is the most important thing to look for when buying baby shoes for wide feet?

There are several essential things that you should look for, among which the most important are the extra depth that allows your baby’s feet to sit deeply in the shoes and a rounder and bigger toe box that prevents your baby’s toes from overlapping against one another.

What materials are best for shoes for babies with wide feet?

Look for shoes that are made using rubber, mesh, or other flexible materials since they make the inside of the shoe spacious and provide enough room for wide feet.

How do you know that your baby needs wide shoes?

There are several signs that imply that your baby has wide feet and therefore requires wider shoes. You will notice that their heel lifts out of the shoe when walking, that they walk is affected, that they drag feet, and that they get blisters often.

How often should I measure my baby’s feet?

To ensure that your baby has not outgrown its current footwear, you should measure its feet every 2 to 4 months to check if it is time to buy a new pair of shoes.

Final Words

The baby shoe market is packed with high-quality products that can accommodate wide feet, and the trick is only to measure everything right so your baby can walk freely, comfortably, and pain-free.

We hope our article will paint you a picture of an ideal product for your baby. Keep in mind that babies can outgrow their footwear very fast, so make sure that you get the measurements right. Also, look for online reviews, ratings, and second opinions, since these are the best tools to help you purchase the pair of shoes that will give you excellent value and keep your child healthy and happy.