The Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing is a peer-reviewed, open-access, scholarly online journal that shares multi-disciplinary indigenous knowledge and research experience amongst indigenous health professionals, leaders, researchers and community members. The journal publishes original, informative and scholarly articles on the broadly defined topic of indigenous wellbeing. Serving as a forum for the clarification and exchange of ideas, the journal features articles on projects that make a significant impact on our understanding of indigenous wellbeing (see more).

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2021

It is with great celebration, that we release our first issue for 2021. This general issue, our first general issue since 2018, brings together an eclectic mix of articles and is introduced by a guest editorial written by Professor Denise Wilson, the deputy chair of the Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing: Te Mauri-Pimatisiwin Editorial Board.

2021 Call for Papers

Release Date Updates


  • Suicide Prevention Special Issue –  submissions closed
  • General Issue (no set theme) –  submissions closed
  • Indigenous Workforce – submissions have been paused till October 2021.  More detail to be released in October.

Authors see our Submission Guidelines now!

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