Te Mauri - Pimatisiwin

Volume 6 #2 Summer 2008



Contents and Editorial


Patti LaBoucane-Benson and Nancy Gibson


Guest Editorial: Affirmative Challenges in Indigenous Resilience Research


Neil Andersson


Resilience, an Evolving Concept: A Review of Literature Relevant to Aboriginal Research


John Fleming and Robert J. Ledogar


Social Capital and Resilience: A Review of Concepts and Selected Literature Relevant to Aboriginal Youth Resilience Research


Robert J. Ledogar and John Fleming


Resilience and Indigenous Spirituality: A Literature Review


John Fleming and Robert Ledogar


The CIET Aboriginal Youth Resilience Studies: 14 Years of Capacity Building and Methods Development in Canada


Neil Andersson and Robert J. Ledogar


Building on the Resilience of Aboriginal People in Risk Reduction Initiatives Targeting Sexually Transmitted Infections and Blood-borne Viruses: The Aboriginal Community Resilience to AIDS (ACRA)


Neil Andersson, Bev Shea, Chris Archibald, Tom Wong, Kevin Barlow, and Georges Sioui


Community-coordinated Research as HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy in Northern Canadian Communities


Karen Edwards, Steve Mitchell, Nancy L. Gibson, Jim Martin, and Cecilia Zoe-Martin


It Started over Coffee: The Aboriginal Community Youth Resilience Network (ACYRN) in Mi’kmaq and Maliseet Communities of Atlantic Canada

  Dawn Caldwell and April Maloney  

The Suicide Prevention Continuum

  Dawn Caldwell  

Culturally Competent Service Provision Issues Experienced by Aboriginal People Living With HIV/AIDS

  Kevin Barlow, Charlotte Loppie, Randy Jackson, Margaret Akan, Lynn MacLean and Gwen Reimer  

An Elder’s View of Community Resilience

  Ruth Gladue and Carrielynn Lund  

Trust the Process: Community-based Researcher Partnerships

  Karen Edwards, Carrielynn Lund, Steven Mitchell and Neil Andersson  

Afterword: Directions in Indigenous Resilience Research

  Neil Andersson  

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