From the Editors


Patti LaBoucane-Benson and Nancy Gibson


Cultural Healing: When Cultural Renewal is Reparative and When is it Toxic


Sousan Abadian


“…Then I Found my Spirit”: The Meaning of the United Nations World Conference Against Racism and the Challenges of the Historical Trauma Movement with Research Considerations


Onaje Muid


Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Lake Superior Region: Explorations to Engage Students in Culture, Scientific Inquiry, and Wellness Activities


Mary Hindelang


Metis Identity: Sharing Traditional Knowledge and Healing Practices at Metis Elders’ Gatherings


Lois Edge and Tom McCallum


Transgenerational Trauma, Suicide and Healing from Sexual Abuse in the Kimberley Region, Australia


Naomi Ralph, Kathy Hamaguchi, and Marie Cox


A Community Experiential Commentary on Surviving Childhood Violence


Taz Johnson-McGillis


An Evaluation of the Healing Our Spirit Worldwide Conference 2006


Cheryl L. Currie, Patti Laboucane-Benson and Nancy Gibson