Ethical Issues in Bridging Research Traditions — Editorial

  Patti LaBoucane-Benson with Dr. Harold Cardinal  

Exploring Ethical Principles in the Context of Research Relationships

  Lia Ruttan  

Psychologists in Nunavut: A Comparison of the Principles Underlying Inuit Quajimanituqangit and the Canadian Psychological Association Code of Ethics

  Christine Wihak  

Community Comment

  Minnie Grey  

Teachings of the Butterfly Using the Medicine Wheel: Honoring Our Nations, Our People and Our Ancestors

  Ed Borchert  

Health Research… let’s get something right before the sun goes down.

  Geoffrey Angeles  

Ethics, Anonymity, and Authorship in Community Centred Research or Anonymity and the Island Cache

  Mike Evans  

Indigenous Researchers and Indigenous Research Methods: Cultural Influences or Cultural Determinants of Research Methods

  Cora Weber-Pillwax  

Ethics in the Context of Research and Indigenous Peoples: A Bibliography

  Vera Caine, Caroline Davis, Travis Jacobs & Angeline Letendre